25 Years of The Gantt Report, America's Most Controversial Black Newspaper Column!!!!

ARTICLES INCLUDE: Black Church Hypocrites, Why Black Candidates Lose, Beware of the Dogs, You Can't Turn an Old Ho Into A Young Lady, Jesus Had a Judas, Blacks Have Many, Black Bodyguards, FSU-Pimp and Ho Party, Player Hating Must Stop, Little Devils Don't Go to Heaven and more.....

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The Gantt Report is America's Most Controversial Black newspaper column. The book has been endorsed by Florida Governor Jeb Bush, FAMU Journalism professor Roosevelt Wilson, Tallahassee Democrat writer Gerald Ensley, Southeast Black Publishers Association President Isiah Williams, the Nation of Islam and other. Lucius Gantt is a world-class writer with a very unique and memorable writing style, very different from other news writers. He formerly worked for AP in New York and Atlanta, The Washington Post, The Atlanta Journal- Constitution, WSB-TV, National Public Radio and more.


Lucius Gantt's writing always calls to mind Jack Nicholson upbraiding Tom Cruise in the movie "A Few Good Men" - because Gantt is always writing more truth than some readers can handle. Time may have mellowed the one-time angry black man - he plays golf! - but Gantt is still telling it like it is. Thank Goodness!
Gerald Ensley, Senior Writer, Tallahassee Democrat

Lucius pulls no punches in The Gantt Report. If he thinks you are wrong, neither your position in life, race, gender, age, political affiliation nor national origin can shield your from the sharp point of his pen. Of Course, he is generous with the roses, too, when he thinks they are due.
Roosevelt Wilson, Professor of Journalism, Florida A&M University

Lucius Gantt and his book "I Talked About the Beast" exemplifies the truth in editorial  writing. Gantt's hard-hitting opinions about politics have made him one of America's most sought after campaign consultants.
Charles Cherry, City Commissioner, Daytona Beach, Florida

Others may appear in more publications, but I believe Lucius Gantt is America's most widely read Black opinion writer. People can't wait to read "What is Lucius saying now?" His unique Gantt Report style cannot be imitated or duplicated.
Isiah Williams III, President Southeast Black Publishers Association

Lucius Gantt takes provocative stands on tough issues, which is why I like reading him. He has been one of the most consistently original voices in Florida politics, and he never fails to make me think. All aspiring opinon writers can learn from his work.
Florida Governor Jeb Bush

As a young Minister studying from the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, Lucius Gantt, from my experience speaks from that common vein of Truth, which is critical for the success of humanity as a whole. Too many times, Blacks and Whites have been too afraid to say what they mean and mean what they say; not so with Mister Gantt. Whenever you are around him, before it's over, you will know where he stands, and be forced to reflect on your position. Of all our great Black Leaders, Brother Gantt reminds me most of Harriet Tubman in that he is guided by a Love so great it removes fear, and is filled with the determination to see his people free, regardless of the cost.
Minister Ray Muhammad, Nation of Islam