Florida Lt. Governor, Jennifer Carroll

William Marlin, Government Leader, St. Marteen, N.A. and Chmn. National Alliance Party

 Eric Riley, Lobbyist, Florida Education Association

Bill Mann, President/CEO, Automated Interiors, LLC

Isiah "Ike" Wiliams, attorney for Malcolm X and publisher,
Jacksonville Advocate

Former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush

Former Florida Governor, Reuben Askew

Herb Morgan, former legislator

Art Brannen, Owner, Brannen Development Company

Lawton Chiles, former Florida Governor

Tallahasee Mayor, John Marks

Tempo "Banana Way", St. Maarten Road March (music) King

St. Maarten News media members

Florida Black-owned media owners

Rovan Locke, Caribbean American Newspaper, and
Glen Cherry, CEO TAMA Broadcasting

Keith Miles, Manager, WANM-FM Radio and Joe Bullard,
nationally known radio personality

MLB Player, Hank Aaron

Blues Legend, Muddy Waters

Muhammad Siddeeq, Robert Perkins, and Minister Louis Farrakhan

Betty Holzendorf and Beryl Roberts-Burke, former legislators

Norman Rolle, Weekend Editor Nassau Guardian Newspaper

Hosea Williams, SCLC

Actor, Richard "Shaft" Roundtree

Florida Black Caucus members and Reverend Al Sharpton

WD Mohammed and Iman, son of Elijah Mohammed