Members of St. Marteen Business Association


Campaign Media Production and Placement Providing ALL TV production, radio production graphic design, copy writing, talent and strategic media placement for campaign commercials and advertisement.

Political Campaign Planning Developing political campaign plans and calendars that inform candidates when all campaign activities should take place. Most candidates do the right things. Those that lose do things at the wrong time.

Campaign Strategy and Counseling Different strategies are more effective in different areas. This service relates to development of specific strategies for specific campaigns and candidates. Involves counseling on minority and other special interest voters, issue development, campaign targeting, candidate profiles, etc.

GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Coordination Systematic services designed to get your supporters to the polls. Literature distributions, rides to polls, phone banks, direct mailings and more can be coordinated by All World Consultants.

Lobbying/Intergovernmental Affairs Representing business, associations, and/or individuals before Congress, State Legislatures or local governments, professionally articulating and explaining the needs, views and interests of our client.