All World Consultants        

All World Consultants is America's only full-service, black-owned, independent political campaign/consultation company, available to provide professional campaign services to serious candidates of all parties and political persuasions.

All World Philosophy

All World Consultants is a full-time full-service political operation. The best lobbyists are those with the greatest access to political decision-makers and the best political consultants are those who can generate the most votes, resources and political campaign contributions.

All World Consultants is the best of all political worlds. We have open, immediate access to our powerful political clients and, on the other hand, we can access the political action funds and other important resources from our lobbying clients.

We believe that the political operatives who work hardest usually are the ones to emerge victorious. All World Consultants are available to travel and to consult corporations and candidates anywhere in the world.

All World Consultants possess a broad range of technical and practical skills in political science, research, communications and race relations.

All World Consultants' principals are registered political independents and are available to assist honorable groups and candidates regardless of political affiliation.